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Hungry, kya?

“You’ve never been to Food Street?”

I could hear disbelief in Badri’s voice when I replied in the negative.

It’s true. I’ve never been there. Never had the chance. And besides, no one’s ever suggested meeting at Food Street before.

So on Sunday evening, a few of us got together and decided on a rendezvous at this place.

It was as expected – a lot of food. I had just had a large Sunday brunch and decided to concentrate on photography while the other wolved down everything in sight.

We started from one end and this itself lasted well over an hour – chaats, bondas, akki rotis, idlis, dosas (served with some delicious chutneys), pakodas, masala cold drinks, badaam milk, buttered corn - nothing was spared. And just when I thought we had tasted it all, we were at the next stall!

They even have Chinese and “Manchoory” on offer.

“This is bigger than Khao Galli,” was Vishal’s comment. Vishal was our visitor from Mumbai.

The corn stall was a big hit with mango corn, butter corn and every kind of corn on offer. Divya tried everything possible and still some more with Archana giving her company.

The guy at the corn stall even had a mechanized fan that was attached to his cart to blow the air.

Then a few policemen came and tried to push them out of the galli. No doubt this is an everyday affair. They will probably be back soon.

The “masalafied” pepsi, fanta and soda - weird! Though everyone seemed to be enjoying it.

The place is crowded from one end to the other. It's done, I thought as we reached the end. No, says Badri. We now need to cross over and do the other side of the street. Even a foodie like me was mortified!

So that was my Food Street experience. I definitely wished I could have gone there with an empty stomach and not after a 3 hour meal! But next time...

Located at VV Puram, walking distance from Lalbagh West Gate. Open from 6 pm till well after 11 pm.

Must visit: But only if you’re upto street food and anything it has to offer. Not for those with a delicate constitution.

The Food Street Album

lord ganesha and the queen of my house!

So, here's Kit Kit doing her devout act!

lord ganesha and the queen of my house!

I brought the statue home from RV road today while out on a photo shoot and Kit Kit was quick to give it an inspection. Actually, she looks like she's praying to him, but she's actually just checking the statue out :-) Apparently, Lord Ganesha did pass the test!

A very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all...
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A chilled out long weekend

Spent 4 days in Auroville over the long weekend – only my 3rd visit this year. A place I never tire of visiting. I friend suggested I settle down there – not a bad idea methinks… me and the cat and a little house... I can even picture it :-)

Though there was some concern about what we could do for 4 whole days, time just flew by – I don’t remember too many moments idling away thinking of what to do. Time moved seamlessly and whether it was just a walk or going out for lunch, or shopping, there weren’t too many moments to sit around wondering what to do.

The guest house we stayed in was lovely in itself – green and tree-covered – the courtyard a great place to just sit around, read and eat. And that we did a lot of the last – eating, I mean. The fresh air did wonders to our appetite – we polished off salads, quiches, pies, desserts like they were going out of style. Rich red tomatoes, orange carrots, juicy beetroot, crisp green lettuce – it was like having fresh vegetables straight from the farm on the table! We also overdosed on organic peanut butter that turned out to be quite a favourite – at least for a few of us.
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In the shade of the silver oak

If you want a short break, but don’t want to venture out too far from the city, Nandi Hills is a good option. The only problem though is that all sorts of crowds land up there by mid-morning and it seems more like a mela out there during the weekends.

Down the garden path

The best time to visit it very early morning, when the mist is still clinging on to the sides of the hill and you literally feel like you’re in a hill station. Sometimes, the mist stays on till about 10 am making it a rather cool place.
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And he's gone...

I’m in a state of despair. His cellphone doesn’t work and I have no idea where he might have gone. To give you some background, it’s been a long relationship. One of the longest I’ve had in Bangalore at least, apart from 2-3 other close friends.

As you can imagine, it’s been a hearty blow to me. I called the landline number for him and they said he had left. They wouldn’t even tell me where he’s gone.

I used to see him often. In fact, every time I felt in need of some cheer. I usually fall to pieces if I don’t. Sadly though, it’s been a rather imbalanced relationship – I need him much more than he needs me.

I trusted him completely. Over 3 years only he could understand what I needed the most. I never had to say much to him. I would just sit there and let him work his magic. And he’s hardly ever let me down. I don’t have the energy to look for someone else considering it took me many years to find him.

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A day out in Kolar

With the heat beginning to get to everyone this summer in Bangalore, I thought this would be a an appropriate visual for everyone. It's such a nice feeling - to fall into the water, looking upwards and feeling the spray all around you... SPLASH!


I frankly don't even remember the last time I did this... do you? The sheer pleasure of this seemingly simple act is quite difficult to measure. Or express in words.

We spotted a group of boys having a lot of fun in the water on a day trip to the town of Kolar. That's the place you go in search of gold. Or at least it used to be. The Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) have since closed down so we couldn't really go in search of our pot of gold after all.
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A weekend in Singapore

After a hectic week at home, it was time for a flying visit to Singapore.

I’d had a stop over at the island years and years ago, so I didn’t have too many ideas about the place. All I knew was that it was a smallish island very close to Malaysia and Indonesia. And some pictures I’ve seen in magazines and television.

Firstly, I must say, what particularly surprised (and distressed me at the same time) is that the women in Singapore are extremely… thin!

And I must say that I did notice that several of these thin young women tucking in many delicacies. And yet, they were as thin as a needle. How do you do this, I asked a nice Singaporean girl, who surprised me by admitting that she had had 3 kids already and still looked like she was still in her twenties. Of course she wouldn’t divulge the real reason - she was hardly about to make it easy for me!

Anyway, apart from this alarming trend, what really surprised me about Singapore are the following points.

~ On the roads, people signal and maintain lanes. I’d completely forgotten that this is actually how people are supposed to drive. After living in Bangalore, you can imagine my shock at this kind of driving decorum.

~ People queue and wait for you. Is that even possible any more? But even a small boy politely made way for me in a narrow shopping aisle, indicating that I could go first. I was stunned for a moment and stood speechless as I grappled with remembering the last time it happened. And then I remembered: never!

~ There’s no plastic lying around. Anywhere. I actually minutely inspected building corners, drains, alleyways, sidewalks to catch sight of just one garbage bag strewn around when someone wasn’t looking. Zilch.

Can these people get any perfect? Then I caught it.

I was passing by a residence complex when I suddenly looked up and saw a strange thing. All the drapes were of beige and pastel pattern and all the flats seemed to have identical patterns. I was… surprised. In India, on the other hand, every window will have a different drape – to the loud and the colourful to the sombre and the pastel.

And I knew immediately then what Singaporeans are missing. Fab India! Yes. Finally I found a flaw in Singapore’s unbelievably perfect life.

Apart from that, I must admit that I tried hard but came back empty handed. People queue, they don’t spit, pee on the roads, don’t rush into the local trains, don’t litter, the cabs folks don’t overcharge, there are no touts, they have a low crime rate and there are hardly any cops (because you’re caught on camera everywhere) – this is almost like paradise – it’s too good to be true actually. (All this of course does not apply in Chinatown and Little India pointed out my host where true to our nature we regress to our very reputable habits that we have proudly upheld for donkey’s years.)

And then in the local newspaper I noticed a small article that Singaporeans still complain a lot. Within themselves most of the time. Not to the government or anything. They might get fined for that. Apparently, Singapore is jokingly called a very ‘fine’ city. They are fined for everything.

But jokes apart, I have a perfect solution for this. Transport all of these whiners to Bangalore for a week. We can easily accommodate them somewhere as we already have so many housing complexes coming up.

I doubt they will ever complain ever again.
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Bye, bye, bai!

So it's been a long and sad story for me.

My 4th bai left me high and dry. In a space of one year, there have been 4 and none of them have left due to my fault (I think).

I have this strange problem with them. First they start developing all kinds of ailments and not showing up for days together.

Then they fall sick. Their children fall sick. Their husbands fall sick. And even their non-existent pets suffer the same fate.

When they've run out of the last of the excuses, they just disappear.

The last one appeared on pay day and said could I pay her an advance for the next 2 months. The next 2 months out of which she would probably work for 10 days in all.

Then she disappeared!

I think this is a sign from god that I am just choosing to ignore for the moment.

So it's back to the swabbing, cleaning, washing dishes and clothes. Sigh.
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How the 'green' is going out of Bangalore

"What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirro reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to each other." - Gandhi

It's sad, it's terribly depressing and it's outright frustrating.

One day, there's a massive tree towering over the road providing much needed shade on the road. The next day it's gone. Mercilessly felled off to make way for more cars. The tree that took a hundred years to grow. Struck down in a single stroke.

Yellow Hue

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Birthday Musings

"The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age." ~ Lucille Ball

Thanks to everyone who called, messaged and mailed (and also left messages on Facebook, Orkut, Twitter) yesterday to wish me. Yes, I completed yet another year!

Touched by the light


Age seems to be in a hurry to take over right now just as I'm beginning to apply the brakes and trying to tell it to go slow.

The secret however, I have realised, lies in Lucille Ball's wise statement. Not so much the part about living honestly or lying about age.

It's the bit about eating slowly. I think it's very important to eat slowly and I'm going to endeavour to get it right. I eat way to fast, mostly when I get really excited about the food :)

So a couple of weeks after going for the Auroville marathon, I decided to head there again as I hadn't quite had my fill the last time. This time around, there was loads more time to chill out, relax and taken in the sunshine. Loads more cycling (and falling off, when will this end?!), walking and eating. A bit of yoga, a flute recital and a lot of relaxing!

Love and light

Stayed in a guest house where the lady had 21 cats, most of them black. Can you imagine a whole load of black cats staring malevolently at you with unblinking green eyes? Yes, I am sure you get the picture.

What's going on in my garden?

But I thought I'd herald in the birthday quietly as I have the feeling that I'm in for a noisy and hectic year ahead!